Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Celebrating National Caribbean Heritage Month with CAG

Events this week: The Caribbean Association of Georgia

After a hiatus, here at MaHDD T'ings we are simply picking up where we left off.  We are always moving forward so here we are, halfway in 2015, and we are still on the journey.  Praise to the Almighty!

June is National Caribbean Heritage Month and we are celebrating our Caribbean Heritage.  There is more to us than just party and food - believe that, however, it IS a large part of our culture.  After all, we are a people that believe that one should ENJOY life.  Slow down sometimes, smell the roses...and whatever else you like to smell :-).

This week is special too as we work with the Caribbean Association of Georgia (CAG), one of the most active, non-profit organizations in Georgia.  The Association is 
"...dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of society's most vulnerable by providing necessary services to the Georgia and Caribbean Community...committed to...playing a catalytic role in educating, enlightening, empowering, encouraging, inspiring, and informing others. "

Watch the Morning Show
with Paul Milliken June 18
See firsthand, the Caribbean of Association of Georgia in action this week.  Catch them Thursday, June 18 with Paul Milliken of Fox 5 Atlanta for a live broadcast on the morning show.  

The President of the CAG, Chris Scott, who was recently awarded "The Most Inspiring Woman" at an Atlanta Dream Game (Caribbean Night) will be on the Morning Show. 
Most Inspiring Woman,
Chris Scott,
President, CAG

Then on Saturday, the organization invites you to the 6th Annual Caribbean Cultural Festival.  This is a FREE family-friendly event so come out, relax and enjoy the atmosphere.  The flyer with all the information is at the bottom of the blog.

So your TO DO List would look like this:
  1. Watch the Morning show on Fox 5 Atlanta with Paul Milliken Thursday, June 18, 2015
  2. Come out on Saturday 1PM to 8PM and enjoy the Festival.
We would like to share the following video as provided compliments of the The Tabernacle of Praise Church in McDonough.  This highlights the relationships that the Caribbean Association of Georgia supports. 

A picture is worth at least thousands of words.  Watch the Atlanta Dream fully involved with sharing the Caribbean Culture.

Sancho & Aneika enjoyed themselves visiting Tabernacle of Praise Church Int'l sharing information about their Caribbean culture and making Caribbean masks with the children! #LiveIt
Posted by Atlanta Dream on Wednesday, June 10, 2015


MaHDD T'ings and MaHDD Energy will DEFINITELY be there.  Check us out at the Talent Showcase for the new, MaHDD Energy Band.

If you missed it last year, here are some images from CAG's website. :-) Enjoy!

From The Morning Show - Fox 5

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