Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Highlights from the McDonough Jerk Festival 2014

With getting ready for our big Tropical Current Brand launch (more details very soon), there is just enough time to highlight our experience at the 8th Annual McDonough Jerk Festival (2014). vividly portray the experience.

The Parade.  

Parade Preparation
Though a small number the participants were friendly and enthusiastic.  It had a been a long time since I' was in any Carnival-like parade...and it was fun.  I think I will be doing that again. 

The McDonough Jerk Festival has already outgrown the Square where it was held in previous years.  The event's organizers, Scotty and Sylvia, promise more with the parade beginning with next year's Festival.   

The city of McDonough is to be commended for its full support for the parade and their management throughout the McDonough Jerk Festival.  

Fort Valley State University (FVSU) Showed Support

Around the McDonough Square

King Danksie repping for MaHDD Energy on the truck

At the Park (Alexander Park)

There were jumpy contraptions that drove my young niece to try every trick in the book to get me to take her over there.  Her persistence won.  

Haitian Divas Dance Group
The vendors provided delicious food and treats for all.   The park was well populated and reports are that the Jerk Festival was larger than the previous year.  Organizers Sylvia and Scotty graciously thanked attendees, the mayor, local press, participants and the city of McDonough. 


The artist showcase was quite entertaining with each of them enthusiastic and rearing to go.  From our team, King Danskie again emphasized his knack for being a crowd-pleasing entertainer.   See related videos later for highlights of his performance.  

The images below seek to capture the experience of the Festival.  Missing is Drea Love's performance due to technical difficulties.  Please submit if you have a photo of her performance.
Single steel drum player

Imani Raychelle
King Danskie

Shelly Thunder - MC
No Phear
Gucci London
The Island Soul Band
We are looking forward to McDonough Jerk Festival 2015, parade, mas bands and more.  On behalf of the MaHDD Energy team, we had an awesome time.  It was MaHDD! :-)

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